Causes and Prevention the Laptop Hangs

Laptop is different from the desktop, although a higher spec, but the laptop still has shortcomings. The laptop has a small space and is devoted to users who are mobile and of course vulnerable to heat. Excessive heat can cause the laptop hangs, also accelerate the breakdown process of the components of the laptop itself.

Many cases can cause the laptop hangs. Here are the causes and prevention the laptop hangs:

1. Overheat
Accumulation of dust can lead to overheat. You can repair when your laptop was already more than 2 years. Try attaching the temperature gauge application so that you can monitor the temperature. Also check the processor fan, whether working or not. Sometimes the processor fan is not working on the old laptop. Replace the cooling pad to reduce heat.

2. Error Operating System
The operating system sometimes can cause the laptop hangs, but this rarely happens. The important thing is to use the Operating System and software that is safe from viruses.

3. Virus Infected
Laptop or PC when repeated restart itself or even shut down without asked is a sign of virus infected. Always update your antivirus, because every minute always popping up a new virus.

4. Excessive Usage
Excessive usage of laptop is not recommended. Use 8-10 hours depending on the spec and the room (air-conditioned or not). Avoid the use for 24 hours straight.

5. Crash Application
The use of heavy applications of course must be balanced with a higher specification laptop. You should consider when using heavy application like graphic design, video editing, etc. Make sure you install an application that is compatible with the operating system you use.

6. Battery
Always check your battery laptop.

By knowing what causes the laptop hangs, you will be able to take immediate action to avoid it.

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