Download Files Quickly Using FDM Software

Free Download Manager is free software that can be used to download files quickly. If you like to download files or videos, you can use this software easily. Why do we have to choose Free Download Manager software?

Because besides easy, this software also have features quite a lot. As software to download, Free Download Manager no less good with another software.

The advantage of Free Download Manager software as the name is free, so we will not be charged the cost in using this software until whenever. Unlike IDM which requires us to pay after all this time to use it. In addition to free, Free Download Manager also has a feature FDM Community that will display the opinion from those users who have downloaded the file if the file contains a virus or not.

Another advantage of Free Download Manager software is can make a connection to server continuously and this can reduce the failure of the download. Free Download Manager can also do a resume. If the internet connection is suddenly broken, we can continue to download next time without having to redo it again from beginning.

Free Download Manager also supports Bit Torrent. With this feature, you can download files from Bit Torrent protocol without using Torrent software downloader. Other feature that belongs to Free Download Manager is grouping of file in specific folders.FDM will group the files you downloaded in each category, and many more other features.

You don’t worry about the update of new version, because FDM has menu to install the latest version in the Help menu >> About FDM. You can download the latest version from there.

Well, you can download Free Download Manager software here:

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