Main Component in the Ebook

Main component in the ebook is the same as a physical book, there must be content, cover, title and the author name. If you want to sell an ebook in a professional manner, your ebook there should be a page that describes about the copyright holder.

These are main parts in the ebook:

1. Cover
Ebook cover is leather. It should reflect the contents. This section is the first time that people will see. So, you should make a cover with an attractive design.

2. Title
Good title uses the evocative phrase, e.g. Tips, How To, Tricks, etc.

3. The author
The author's name should be included in the ebook so that people would know who the author.

4. Signature of the author
Signature of the author should be included in order to look more professional. Many sites provide services to create digital signatures. Visit the site and start making online signature there. Copy and paste the signature under the author's name.

5. Preface
Preface is also important. Preface is useful for interaction between the author and readers. You can write a few opening sentences to explain what the content of your ebook, the benefits and why people should read your ebook.

6. Table of Contents
The table of contents is the arrangement of pages in ebook that contains the title, chapter and section. The table of contents should be numbered pages and can be clicked.

Those are main components in the eBook.

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