Tips to Choose the Right Smartphone

Choosing the right smartphone not only consider the budget, but also choose that is smart and make you looks smart too.

To choose the right smartphone, you can read some considerations below.

1. Interfaces
The first part that you should consider is user interface. If smartphone shows the performance of the interface is slow or not responsive to instructions and even pretend not understand with your instructions, it will definitely make you frustrated. Therefore, you can choose smartphone that has an interface that is responsive to the touch of your fingers.

2. Screen
Screen including the part that affects the level of agility of interface to your touch. Thus, you should choose a touch screen that can be accurately and quickly capture the instruction via the touch. You can get it from the smartphone that has a capacitive type screen (capacitive touch screen).

3. Text input
Consider whether the width of the virtual keyboard button accommodate your finger size. If the width of the button is too small, it will complicate you in doing the typing. Also, note whether the keyboard powered by software to speed up the typing process. For example, application that allows you to type without having to knock on the button, but by sweeping a light on the keyboard.

4. Camera
If the function of camera is more important to you, make sure you choose smartphone with camera facility that can produce good pictures. In addition, check the completeness of its supporting facilities, such as technology auto focus, flash, photo editor, etc.

5. Connectivity
Smartphone is designed to connect to the internet. Therefore, you need get fast internet connection. You can choose a smartphone that supports access to HSDPA network with download speeds up to 3.6 Mbps even 7.2 Mbps.

6. Web browser
To get the full display of web pages (not just display the text but also images and other graphical components) you will need the type of HTML browser. However, this requires the support screen so you can enjoy the web page comfortably. If the dimension of the screen is too small, you will be hassle of having to do zooming in order to read or identify the image on the web page. Therefore, you need a screen size of at least 2.8 inches.

One more question, does the web browser on smartphone supports flash program? Many smartphone does not support Flash. New problems arise when you want to enjoy a YouTube video content. Without a browser that is compatible with Flash, you cannot enjoy the content of the video sharing service.

7. Integration with social networking
One of the factors that drive the popularity of smartphone is social networking application like Facebook and Twitter. With the smartphone, you can integrate these applications with your user interface. You can see the status, last update, and tweet easily in real time.

8. Support application store
One nice thing if smartphone can download many new applications. There is a saying that says that a smartphone seem smart if get the support of a good application store.

Tips to choose the right smartphone above may be able to help you.

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