Ebook Cover Template with Photoshop Action Script

EBook cover is very important to make an eBook stand out in eBook marketplace. This is the first thing people think, whether to buy or not. Therefore, eBook cover must be interesting.

If you are an eBook designer or individual who want to sell eBook in the marketplace, you need a cool eBook cover. So your buyer feel happy and satisfied, right?

Ok, I believe you have written an eBook with an interesting topic, but maybe you do not have an idea to make eBook cover.

The best way to solve this problem is you hire a freelancer to make your ebook cover. But it may be expensive. So, you should use a template that will ease you to get coolest ebook cover, especially 3D cover.

Here I want to introduce some design templates that can help you to create eBook cover quickly. The templates made with Photoshop. You can apply your imagination and your idea, and the templates can be used as many as you wish.

One package contains 15 design templates with various models and colors. All templates have an attractive design.

Ebook cover template with Photoshop action script

You can edit or modify the title, color, image and whatever you want. After image created, you can convert it to 3D cover with Photoshop action script that is included in the package. The example changes can be seen below.

3D ebook cover with Photoshop

There is guidance for using these templates, so you can follow it easily. If you do not expert in Photoshop, don't worry. These templates are so easy to use. Just read the guidance and you can make eBook cover without hassle.

What are there in this package? You will get:
- 15 templates in PSD format with various models and colors
- 8 excellent fonts that can be installed on your computer
- 2 Photoshop action scripts that can be used to make 3D eBook cover
- Guidance book in PDF format

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